For all bookings and enquiries please contact

Musical Director Hereford Big Band
Pete Fletcher
Telephone (m): 07962 055246

Chair of Hereford Big Band
Rowena Potter
Telephone (m): 077709 40128

Technical Requirements

When you book the Hereford Big Band, you will need to supply an adequately lit and heated covered area of at least 400 sq ft for the band to perform from with at least two standard 13 amp power sockets for the electric piano, bass and guitar and the PA system along with 25 chairs suitable for the instrumentalists. There will also need to be a secure area for instrument cases and the band belongings during the performance. Full details of the terms and conditions will be discussed when you book.


Charges vary depending on type of gig, travelling distance, time of day etc so you will need to contact us to discuss all the options.